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At AdGorilla™, we're experts in video and advertising.


Whether you're looking for the technology to manage, monetize your video streams or target your customers with digital relevant advertising campaigns, you're in the right place.

We provide top to bottom video management solutions and equipment for content providers, cable operators, broadcasters, advertisers and video delivery enterprises under a variety of business models. 

Our products and services are designed to maximize our client's revenue and simplify advertising and content delivery.




Using SCTE-35, SCTE-224 and our patented software, we excel at video insertion technology, alternative content delivery, video operations support services, network origination, and advanced video management.


Targeted Digital Advertising

Build and deliver comprehensive location-based digital advertising campaigns for brands and agencies, locally or nationally.

With  AdGorilla's™ digital advertising platform, create unique audience segments your customers require.  Measurement and results delivered.


Customized Video Ad Insertion for All Sizes

From small cable company to large network operator, AdGorilla™ places ads where they need to be and when they need to be there.


However, we know that One Size does not fit All.

case studies



 AdGorilla™ inserts advertising and monitors stream quality on over 180 video streams for iNDEMAND's sports packages including  MLB EXTRA INNINGS®, NBA League Pass® and NHL Center Ice®, and for Global Eagle Entertainment's Southwest Airlines on-plane video offering. 

Targeted Digital Advertising


 AdGorilla™ provides targeted digital advertising based on a multitude of demographic and geographic filters for  Anchorage Chrysler Jeep Dodge that reaches their desired targeted audience.

Video Ad Sales


 AdGorilla™ provides turnkey advertising sales and services for iNDEMAND's subscription sports packages.

 AdGorilla™ also provides Managed Advertising Sales Services for Southwest Airline's on-plane video advertising sales team. 


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