AdGorilla™ quantum video and ad insertion technology


Ad Insertion

Have an IP video network that needs a better insertion solution? AdGorillaQuantum™ can be executing insertions as quickly as a single day from installation to operation. With our software-based, single-platform solution, your team doesn’t spend time configuring unnecessary hardware interfaces and you’re ready to go that much faster!

To execute advertising insertions, AdGorilla™ can operate off of a number of triggering standards including SCTE for television applications, VAST for OTT, and any customized triggers developed for your application. And Quantum™ plays well with others – or alone. There is no need for any 3rd party equipment and there are no licensing fees for your customers to enjoy Seamless Splices from SSP Quantum™.

With the onboard transport stream analyzer AdGorillaQuantum™ continuously monitors the transport streams on which it inserts and can alert your NOC to input issues. This feature can save hours of headache and eliminates the embarrassing call from your customers alerting you to quality issues. And, our automatic fail-over redundancy feature ensures that you’re up and running all of the time.

AdGorillaTechnology™ has learned that there is no replacement for bit replacement. AdGorillaQuantum™ inserts digital content by replacing the native video stream’s bits with the inserted video’s stream’s bits, not by simply overlaying a video clip. For advertising insertion, this means that insertion where they’re supposed to happen – at the correct frame, not in the middle of a national ad or worse; in the middle of programming itself. Additionally, our approach produces the cleanest video imaginable, no jitter, no CC errors, no problems down to the 3rd level and beyond.

And if you’re up in arms about the CALM Act, just calm down. AdGorillaQuantum™ is configured to make you CALM compliant without any additional expense or effort on your part.

Alternate Content Splicing

For managing your sports blackouts or any other content splicing,  AdGorilla™ has developed a product called Alternative Content.  With this capability, AdGorilla enables content distributors to switch entire audio/video feeds On-Demand or On-A-Schedule. With Alternative Content, not only can you support blacking out sporting events, but you can also apply the same solution to changing feeds for specific programs as your scheduling requires.

Designed to be integrated into the AdGorilla™ single-platform solution using SSP Quantum™ technology, Alternative Content gives video providers the ultimate flexibility to effectively manage their content, minimize video management expenses and maximize revenue.

Network Origination

AdGorillaQuantum™ is also the backbone of AdGorillaTechnology’s™ offerings for network origination services and advanced advertising products.  The same technology that blends advertising and network content into a seamless video stream also permits us to originate complete linear video streams for content license holders.

 AdGorilla's™ end-to-end solution for Network Origination and Operations can help Content Networks by providing turn-key services and the technical expertise to develop new networks to launch and beyond. Our services substitute in part for the long list of personnel needed to get a new network started. 

AdGorilla network origination services and platform includes:


  • Complete network origination play-out servers system
  • Automatic fail-over redundancy
  • Includes adverting insertion capabilities
  • SD and/or HD origination


  • Content management and encoding
  • Playlist/program schedule ingest
  • Program and commercial scheduling
  • Program and advertising verification and billing

 AdGorilla™ provides cost-efficient network delivery via point-to-point terrestrial IP and can migrate the delivery of your network to satellite distribution facilities when/if the economics make sense.