AdGorilla™ Video Technology



 AdGorilla™ offers a variety of branded products built around our advanced video insertion software- AdGorilla Quantum™- and our expertise in providing services related to video manipulation and advertising delivery.  While our products each serve a unique function in a video content delivery environment, together they can offer providers the ability to originate, monitor and monetize their content.

What makes  AdGorilla™ AG Technology different from our competitor’s technology is what’s inside the box. After ten years’ experience in making high-quality, cost-effective advertising insertion products AdGorilla recently launched the most advanced video insertion software available: AdGorilla Quantum™, featuring our Seamless Splice technology.   AdGorilla™ wrote the book on single-unit digital ad insertion when we launched our analog insertion equipment in 2006, but with Quantum™ we’re re-writing the entire video insertion encyclopedia to encompass advertising, OTT/CDN applications, IPTV, network origination, alternative content splicing, mobile delivery and whatever else content providers can imagine.

AdGorilla Quantum™ builds on our successful See Spots Play™ digital insertion software platform. While See Spots Play changed the insertion market by offering all the functions of digital insertion on one chassis, Quantum™ changes the game again by offering seamless digital splices that are indistinguishable from the source content both visually and by advanced video analyzers.  There are no compromises with SSP Quantum™.